We’re Revolutionizing the Way You Dine and Save at Your Favorite Restaurants

MetroTables is a discounts service that saves diners time and money, and helps restaurants increase their bottom line through supply and demand pricing.

Like car-sharing apps or hotel reservations, we enable restaurants to price their tables based on demand. Diners get amazing flexibility and sweet chances to save, while restaurants fill their empty tables and maximize their revenues.

You know what that’s called? A win-win.

MetroTables is launching first in NYC — a city with one of the most exciting dining scenes in the world — and expanding to other foodie havens.

Diners: Pay What You Want to Dine How You Want

It’s simple supply and demand: Pay less when restaurants are nursing empty tables (available now), or pay a tad more to snag in-demand reservations (coming soon).

Want to save some cash by dining before or after the dinner rush? View discounts on MetroTables where restaurants compete for your business during their slow hours. Select and secure the most enticing discount.

Want to snag a table during prime dining time at one of NYC’s hot spots … without waiting days or weeks for a reservation? Just pay a small surcharge on your bill to skip the line!

Restaurants: Fill Your Empty Tables and Make More Money

Empty tables = Lost revenue. MetroTables changes that. Set discounts for off-peak dining times and watch your tables fill up.

Plus, MetroTables leaves you in control: Set your own discounts and the number of tables they’re applied to.

How It Works: Start Dining the Smart Way, Instantly

Diners: Sign up for an account and view restaurant discounts with your preferred dining details (like location, date and time). Choose the one you like and secure it.

When you arrive to the restaurant show your discount confirmation when seated. Then — you dine! Your discount will show up on your bill. No vouchers, coupons, or special codes needed.

Restaurants: Create your account to start posting your discounts instantly. No sign up fee, no hidden charges — ever.

You’ll simply pay a small flat fee per table or a monthly subscription fee to MetroTables (Pssstt … we’re waving all fees for restaurants during our beta phase!).

Start Snagging Tables and Savings Today!

Sign up for an account (it’s quick and easy, we promise) to start making or securing discounts to dine the smart way.